Anna Tregloan’s work is often described as twisted, unique and beautiful. While it spans many artistic forms, her particular focus is on revealing what makes live and spatial work especially poignant in a culture obsessed by screens.  It is a perspective that informs not only content, aesthetic choice and visual impact but also how,the spatial narrative reveals a performance or object. and an approach most overt in her directing work where often, and very consciously, the audience is placed within the viewing frame and offered a role as important as (although very different to) the performers.


As designer of staging and costumes, installation artist and director Anna Tregloan has collaborated with a large number and eclectic mix of companies and artists.  Her work has toured to all Australian Capitals, extensively regionally along with internationally (Seoul, Edinburgh, Paris, New York, Prague, London, Kyoto, Malaysia, Belgium, Dublin, Holland amongst others).  Working across performance forms and formats she has been privileged to have collaborated with many of Australia’s foremost artists and companies while maintaining ties to emerging and independent artists and artform.


She has been nominated numerous times for Greenroom, Helpman, Sydney Theatre, APDG and other awards and has been awarded five Greenroom Association Awards and a Helpman Award.  She has been a primary collaborator on many productions that have been nominated for and/or received best production in their category at both Greenroom and Helpman Awards;  is a recipient of the prestigious John Truscott Award for Excellence in Design for Theatre and an Australia Council Theatre Board Fellow.  She has a Masters by Research in Animateuring at the University of Melbourne, Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts and currently works out of a studio in Sydney, Australia.




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