Babes in The Woods.

CUB Malthouse,

Malthouse Theatre (Melbourne),

Sydney Opera House


Set and Costume design


Awards: GRAA Nomination Best Design (Theatre), GRAA Nomination Best New Australian Work.


Collaborators: Michael Kantor, Director. Tom Wright, writer. Paul Jackson Lights, Iain Grandage, Music


Cast: Julie Forsythe, Carolyn Craig, Max Gillies, Francis Gleenslade, Eddie Perfect, Lucy Taylor, Di Emery.


Photography: Jeff Busby & Anna Tregloan

2003 & 2006


"Babes in the Wood" is a contemporary Australian pantomime. Although, if we are honest, it's not really a pantomime as we usually define it.  It did include talking animals, Max Gillies as the madam, and a lot of the usual tropes but..... as far as pantomimes go its tongue was ever further in its cheek than anyone previously thought possible".