Skin FLick

La Mama (1999)

Arts House Melbourne(2001)


Awards:  GRAA, Nominated Most Innovative Use of Form.


Collaborators: Jen Hector, Lights.  David Franzke, Sound and compostion


Cast: Cazerine Barry, Jody Farrugia, Vanessa Rowel


Photography: Anna Tregloan, Rachelle Roberts, Tao Weiss

1999 & 2001


A seminal Melbourne production that integrated audience and performance.  Skin Flick was performed on a series of cat walks with the audience‚Äôs heads protruding up into the stage space.  The detailed a surreal physical performance happened over your head and right before your eyes.











Recently uncovered in the archive! Rarely seen footage of the performance.

Apologies for the quality it was still the early days of digital.

We've come a long way baby.