Well. This page normally features works that are open, about to open or on tour.  

Not this month. 

The extreme threat of the Covid-19 virus has meant a global shut down of galleries, theatres, cultural institutions and museums.  It is a necessary step in curtailing the impact on health and well being that the virus would have had.  It alone is not enough to stop the spread but in sacrificing these outlets we all hope that a safer, swifter, more equitable path through this crisis will be forged. 

Sadly for all of us who spend our lives creating and sharing works with a hope of building a more complex world view, bringing joy and enabling empathy it has also brought a swift and cataclysmic end to business as usual. It means the hundreds of thousands of people who in a normal year would experience a work listed on this pages will not be able to.  And it means all of us, audiences and artists, have embarked on a steep learning curve on how we negotiate this new isolated landscape (as we flatten one curve we increase another!) and just begin to contemplate what will be on the other side.

Please visit the previous news pages to see the works that, although no longer showing, I remain immensely proud of (also keep an eye out as many may still return once this dark cloud has lifted).  Stay tuned for new projects that will be developed in the isolation of the studio and check back as we take advantage of this quiet time to update the website to include many more recent works. 

Also, please, look after an artist.  This had been an enormous blow to finances and morale in what was already a perilous landscape.  Companies, individuals and institutions have a hard path both in this moment and ahead and need your enthusiasm and support like never before.  

Look after yourself and those around. 'Together' is a word I have heard a lot recently, which has made me wonder why I heard it so little before.  But if we look after ourselves and others we will definitely make it through this, and hopefully if we work together, it might even lead us to a better place. 

Take care,

(I will still be working over this period ( just not as publicly as usual) and can contact me through the contact page).

Cover image:- Looking up during an isolation walk.
Image below:- Harriet Gordon-Anderson as Hamlet in the Bell Shakespeare season at Sydney Opera House which was cut cruelly short with the closure of theatres due to Covid-19.  
It was a sad end for the production which, in its short season, garnered numerous plaudits and star reviews.  
(photo by Brett Boardman)