August 2014 Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul. Goyang Studio.
A site specific video work filmed and projected in the gallery space and the screen based work “Smoke and Mirrors #1” 
THE GHOST PROJECT is a series of works which, like many of Anna Tregloan's projects, are environmentally responsible in methodology and outcome.  By approaching the project as a suite where each stage of the development gives tangible results and where parts are continually reused and re-contextualised to extend their reach as well as sourcing content local second hand and then gifting locally at conclusion THE GHOST PROJECT is part of a developing oeuvre of sustainable practice. 

Part installation, part museum, part story exchange, The Ghost Project embarked on a discussion between audience, communities and artists to unearth the culturally ubiquitous phenomena of ghosts, spirits and hauntings. 

Communities and passing audience are invited to share stories and to wander amongst the installations inspired by local tales.

Presentations of THE GHOST PROJECT  are comprised of combinations of:-
- New installations made specifically for the host site
- New installations integrating local stories, and working with local performers
- Sound and video installations created over previous renditions of the project and reframed in the new location
-Discussion events and lectures

A key focus of the project is the similarities and differences between cultural tellings of spirits and haunting. Using the photographic and projection techniques prevalent in ‘the spirit photography’ of the early twentieth century this investigation has so far delved into Shamans in South Korea, tree dwelling spirits in Java, ghost tours in Prague, Yu Lan (The Hungry Ghost Festival) in Hong Kong as well as lonely, abandoned houses and lonely, haunted stretches of Australian highways. For each version of the project we connect with written and oral histories of a place to delve deeper into the superstitions of the neighbourhood.

Above and Below: February 2017 AsiaTOPA, Melbourne 
For AsiaTOPA, we presented the module ‘An Incomplete History’ in the Tower Theatre space, filmed a new video work with local Chinese opera performer Emily Ah Yick, and presented a discussion series with guest artists from across the AsiaTOPA program. (Photos by Amanda Carr)

Below Right: April 2018 
Shoalhaven City Arts Gallery in partnership with Bundanon Trust
A kinetic, video and light installation using locally found domestic items, crystal bowls and tales of watery graves.

Formally THE GHOST PROJECT most echoes a museum with components (text, objects & images) arranged to build a story. Yet, unlike this traditional context, the chosen truth here is allowed a slipperiness and room for the imagination. 

The work evolves and responds according to each location and community. By working in modules the work can expand, contract and adjust its content to suit location and circumstance and to date we have held presentations in galleries, as part of outdoor festivals, in laneways, in jail cells, empty houses & at creative conferences; internationally, regionally and in cities.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS #1 Shortlisted Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize, 2014 & SMOKE AND MIRRORS #2 and SUFFICIENTLY BREATHLESS #7 Shortlisted Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize, 2017

October 2016 The Substation, Melbourne
This iteration took over the entire ground-floor gallery spaces, reframing previous versions for this site, a former industrial building in Melbourne’s inner west. We created a new binaural sound work using local stories, and presented a series of kinetic sculptures in a new ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ module
(Photo by Amanda Carr).

Above Right:  Nov - Dec 2014 The Rocks, Sydney
A site-specific video installation, filmed and re-projected along the old walls of Greenway Lane.

Below: September 2016 Siteworks, Bundanon Trust
The Bundanon site inspired a new film made in situ and installed in the chimney of a ruined house, 
Presented as part of Siteworks, 2016.