2021 ... the almost beginning.

Slowly we reawaken. In fits and starts.  Lock down follows reopening.  Follows lock down.  Rinse and repeat.  Still in Australia we are much safer and freer than our friends across the planet and remaining grateful for that. 

What's on and coming soon:- 

THE PLANET – A LAMENT  after opening AsiaTOPA in Melbourne last year, The Planet, like every other show, went into hibernation.  Reawakening only online for the Arts Centre Melbourne's on line festival and for Prototype Festival in New York.  The postponed European seasons are no however back on track and we hope it will be opening the Holland Festival in May and presented as a ritual parade in Dusseldorf at Theatre de Welt. 

Another hibernating wonder is  HAMLET with Bell Shakespeare which opened to much acclaim last March and run for two weeks before it's pandemic forced closure.  I am thrilled it will be returning to the Sydney Opera House and then have its Canberra Playhouse and Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse seasons in September this year. 

Open Now is Mirka at the Jewish Museum of Australia.  It was a pleasure to collaborate with the amazing JewMu team over the endless lock downs and together we have created a truly revelatory  immersive experience for the Mirka Mora fans and for those now year in love. 

And out and about is Experimenta's LIFEFORMS, a touring exhibition for which I worked with Helen Prynor and her work HABITATION. 

And I am thrilled to be once again collaborating with the extraordinary Science Gallery Melbourne towards future exhibitions and in creating their ground breaking new STEAM learning centre as part of their move to the sparkling new Carlton Connect.

Finally in early development stages of a new immersive combined sound and sculpture installation :- Belief System.  Recently spent two weeks at The Substation excavating when belief sticks around and when a gust of wind may blow it asunder. 

And of course THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT which seeks a way to gather the ideas of the creative futurists and invigorate thinking and action for the journey ahead by bringing together projects which began with all the best intentions but never met their audience. 2020 meant a special  COVID EDITION of the project and future iterations are underway.  You can follow us on insta @theimpossibleproject_  and keep chasing impossible dreams. 

Images: the deserted stairwell at the Powerhouse Museum where Anna Tregloan's studio is based. And Kanen Breen from Strange Bedfellows ... about to take flight.