It is a bit tricky to believe that it is a year since these pages were last updated.  It isn't that nothing has been happening it is just that the unpredictable swings and roundabouts of the Covid pandemic which has of course extended it sticky fingers to every corner of the globe has made saying "What's on" too likely to become a lie.  Although, still, nothing is certain in our complicated world - here is a bit of catch up on what has happened recently and what is on the way (err fingers crossed).

Looking back to a year ago I note that the promise of the 'covid-cancelled' production of Hamlet (2020) was on the horizon.  It was scheduled for August 2021 and, as things go, didn't happen.  Yer again, pandemic triggered locked downs meant that after four weeks of rehearsals we were all sent back to our homes.  BUT, but, but we are now so thrilled that finally (as of March 2022) it has opened at the Sydney Opera House and receiving still more acclaim than that ill-fated first season. 

Also between then and now The Planet: A Lament finally completed its delayed European tour and numerous new projects are in development.

Now showing: 

HAMLET at the Sydney Opera House until April 2nd.  Canberra Theatre Centre April 8th to 16th and Arts Centre Melbourne from the 29th of April.  With Bell Shakespeare. 

Also opening on the 29th of April is HELMUT NEWTON : In Focus

Just closed:-

Child of Now at Arts Centre Melbourne. 

Mirka Mora at The Jewish Museum of Australia.

Experiments with ice and objects for CHILD OF NOW.
Coming soon:-

IN A NUTSHELL with Bell Shakespeare at their stunning new studio theatre at Pier 2/3 in Walsh Bay.

BELIEF SYSTEM.  A co-creation with Adriano Cortese of Ranter's Theatre BELIEF SYSTEM is a collection of over 1000 statements of belief collected from diverse members of society.  A multi source sound installation controlled by changes in the weather the work will be having a further development in may this year before premiering mid 2023. 

I am thrilled to be back working with Science Gallery Melbourne towards the new immersive exhibition SWARM, to open mid August. 

And just as thrilled to be again collaborating with ACMI on an exhibition to be announced soon. 

Developing speaker housings for BELIEF SYSTEM

First moments of install HELMUT NEWTON IN FOCUS