'The Planet ; A Lament' is a collaboration led by the Indonesian Film maker, Garin Nugroho and dancers, singers and musicians from across Java, Papua, Timor and Sumatra.  Made over six months in Jogjakarta,  Jakarta and Kupang before premiering at the AsiaTOPA festival in Melbourne.  Initially postponed by the pandemic it then went on to open the Holland Festival and perform at Theatre der Welt in Dusseldorf . It combines original compositions drawn from the Papuan tradition of lament with a story of destruction and loss, strength and rebirth. 

This work joined several other projects by Anna Tregloan either developed in Indonesia (including parts of The Ghost Project ) or developed and presented there. (Cerita Anak with Polyglot Theatre and Papermoon). 

The Planet was not just a theatre production but the journey to make it unusual and fascinating.  To see more of that story and the work as it progressed visit HERE

Produced and presented by Garin Nugroho Studio, AsiaTOPA, Holland Festival, Turning World. 
Set and costume design by Anna Tregloan.

Garin Nugroho, Director.  
Septina Rosalina Layan, Composer and soloist,
Iskandar Loedin, Lights.  
Micheal Kantor, Dramaturgy
Taufik Adam & Nursalim Yadi Anugerah, Composers.
Choir - Mazmur Chorale, Kupang.
Dancers - Rianto, Seeraimere Boogie, HeinbertoJ.B.D. Koirewoa.  
Priscillia Elisabeth Monica, Paul Amandus Dwaa. 

APDG Best Set Design for a Live Performance.

Gregory Lorenzutti & Andreansyah Dimas