HAMLET is one of several works Anna has designed for Bell Shakespeare.  

Shakespeare provides a complex platform through which to communicate with an audience.  Fascinating because the discourse is not just with the immediate production but (in the English Speaking West) to the versions of the plays the audience may have seen before and the memories carried.  Each iteration is of itself but also reflecting back and forward through time. 

Produced and presented by Bell Shakespeare at The Sydney Opera House, Canberra Theatre Centre and Arts Centre Melbourne.  2020 & 2022.

Set and Costume Design by Anna Tregloan
Peter Evans, Director.  
Ben Cistern, Lights.  
Max Lyandvert, Sound and composition
Laura Turner, Videography
Nigel Poulton, Movement and Fight Director.
James Evans, Dramaturg

Harriet Gordon Anderson, Jeremi Campese, Tony Crogin (2020), Jack Crumlin, James Evans, Jane Mahady, Lisa McCune (2020), James Lugton, Sophie Wilde (2020), Aanisa Vylet (2020), Lucy Bell (2022), Robert Menzies, Jake Warner (2022), Rose Riley (2022), Ray Chong Nee (2022).
Nominated Best Design Visualisation, APDG design awards. 2021.  
Nominated Best Costume Design Sydney Theatre Awards, 2022. 
Nominated Best Set Design Sydney Theatre Awards, 2022. 
Nominated Best Female Lead, Harriet Gordon Anderson. Sydney Theatre Awards, 2022. 
Nominated Best Direction, Peter Evans. Sydney Theatre Awards, 2022. 

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