All of us, at the end of a year, tend to look back and contemplate what was.  As someone who works with multiple companies and groups across varying locations I am always amazed by how many people I have worked with over the course of the year always not surprised but grounded by the number of people needed to make these projects happen.  

2023 has been (yet another) crazy one and there were a lot of people involved.  My big thanks to each and every one, both to all those who built and those who came to see. 

Presented in 2023:-

THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT was exhibited as part of A LINE A WEB A WORLD at the Powerhouse Museum.  The exhibition is an expansive consideration of the work that drawings do and the many people who use drawing:- from artists, children, scientists, engineers, designers, composers to architects and on.   On until December 31st.  

GODDESS was made collaboration with  ACMI,  GODDESS celebrates the women and gender-transcending superstars who shaped their own roles, took creative control and fought a system that tried to exploit them.  It is celebratory, passionate and (spoiler alert) very pink.  Opening as part of Melbourne Winter Masterpieces finished it Melbourne season at the end of September. 

CHAGALL transformed the Jewish Museum into a dreamscape that included an exclusive capsule of original works and poems by Marc Chagall, alongside bespoke immersive experiences.   Friday 09 June—Sunday 10 December.

For the Sydney Opera Houses 50th Birthday Festival two exciting projects from the archive (THREE MARYS 2023 and AM I 2014) are being live streamed. They are amongst the 50 productions for 50 years and there is more information HERE

ROMEO AND JUILET. This intimate stripped back telling of Romeo and Juliet to the intensity and the heartbreak of Shakespeare’s most evocative tragedy.  Bell Shakespeare.  The Neilson Nutshell, Pier 2/3 Sydney 23 JUNE - 27 AUG and The Farfax Studio ACM, Melbourne 13 JULY - 29 JULY.

IDK. In collaboration with dance theatre makers Force Majeure IDK at Carriageworks Sydney on the 22nd of August followed by dates in Melbourne.

BELIEF SYSTEM.  A co-creation with Adriano Cortese of Ranter's Theatre BELIEF SYSTEM is a collection of over 3500 statements of belief collected from diverse members of society.  A multi source sound installation, controlled by changes in the weather, the work premiered at the Substation Melbourne  4th-13th May 2023.

MACBETH.  With Hazem Shammas in the title role and receiving much acclaim the production played to packed houses at The Sydney Opera House (March), Canberra Theatre Centre ((14th to 22nd of April) and Melbourne (May  2023).

THE THREE MARYS. Created as part of Sydney Opera House's Unwrapped this chamber opera was inspired by the French medieval legend of the biblical Three Marys, the tale follows the perilous journey of Maria, Magdalena and Sarah-Marie as they are banished from their homeland and forced out to sea in an oarless boat. (May 2023).

(Above) An animated list of many of the wonderful people who worked with us in 2023. 
(Below)  The first project for 2023 will be BELIEF SYSTEM, presented at Chapter Arts in Cardiff, Wales. Photo:- Steve East
(Cover)  Texture and bubbles in a berry and turmeric soda.