OSCAR AND LUCINDA for Sydney Chamber Opera is one of several contemporary opera projects that, over the years, Anna has been involved in.  Other work has included BETWEEN 8&9 and THE HIVE for Chamber Made Opera and as assistant director for THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS for Malthouse Theatre and The Victorian Opera.

The design for OSCAR AND LUCINDA sought to pair back Carey's story to elemental and sculptural objects that were emblematic of the coloniser's fraught relationship with the land; reflected the lyrical beauty of Pierce Wilcox's libretto and matched the conceptual complexity of Elliott Gyger's composition. 

Produced and presented by Sydney Chamber Opera with Opera Queensland and The Victorian Opera at Carriageworks Sydney.

Set, costume and projection by Anna Tregloan.

Elliot Gyger, Composer
Pierce Wilcox, Libretto
Jack Symonds, Conductor
Patrick Nolan, Director
Damien Cooper, Lighting Design
Constantine Costi, Assistant Director

Cast:  Jessica Aszodi, Brenton Spiteri, Jeremy Kleeman, Simon Lobelson, Mitchell Riley and Jane Sheldon.

Based on 'Oscar and Lucinda' by Peter Carey.

Photography: Zan Wimbley, 

Nominated for Dramatic Work of the Year, APRA/AMC Art Music Awards. 2020.
Nominated for Performance of the Year, APRA/AMC Art Music Awards. 2020.
Nominated for Best Design by a Multidisciplinary Designer APDG Award, 2021