"Capes and Masks" was part of a series of experiments playing with the idea of displaced, anonymous or secret audiences.  

A surreal and melancholy story of a dream. A dream to surpass the everyday; to fly like a hero. A story that can be heard only if you (the audience member) don the cape and mask.  

The public become the work as single audience members (still and listening) becomes the image of a frozen creature; a sculpture which is both watching and watched.

The work was part of a suite of small interventions and experiments that included “The Marconi Experiment”;a secret society brought together through hand written letters which surreptitiously and anonymously gave away their books. 

Presented by: 
The Performance Space at Carriageworks, Sydney and in galleries through regional NSW.

Rita Kalnejais, writer. 
David Franzke, Sound.  
David Tredinick, voice.  
Timothy Wells, mask making.
Cast: The public.

Photography: Anna Tregloan (2010)