‘Collette Dinnigan - Unlaced’ was Anna’s first work in exhibition and installation design for a museum.  A hugely successful exhibition it surpassed projected audience and was extended by several months.  

Like the invitations for exhibitions that followed,  MAAS (Powerhouse Museum, Sydney) and Collette Dinnigan were interested in a design that broke with traditional formats, that was immersed the audience and conveyed narrative in a clever and surprising way.  The exhibition utilised the knowledge garnered in Anna’s performative installations and theatre works to deliver a format where the audience were allowed to make their own discoveries, that was beautiful and which built narrative through small moments of interaction rather than a didactic path.

Produced and Presented by MAAS, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.
Exhibition design by Anna Tregloan
Curator: Glynis Jones
Creative collaborator: Collette Dinigan
Video projection: MAAS

Exhibition design. : Nominated: Best Event, APDG Awards, 2016.  &  Winner: Commendation Award, Australian Interior Design Awards, 2016.