For 2015 and 2019 Anna is the curator for the Australian Exhibition at the Prague Quadrennial of Space and Design. 

For 2019 she has formed a partnership with Erin Milne from Bureau of Works and will be announcing the artists as well as the participatory project from September 2018.
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Images: The Australian Exhibit at The Prague Quadrennial of Space and Design.
PQAU // Prague, 2015.

Concept and Curator, Anna Tregloan.

Virginia Hyam, Producer.
Paul Matthews, Graphic Design
Artists represented:
Back to Back Theatre Company
Branch Nebula + Clare Britton + Matt Prestt
Madeline Flynn + Tim Humphrey
Malthouse Theatre
Northern Rovers Performing Arts
PVI Collective
Renae Shadler + Collaborators
Super Critical Mass

and including the participatory work "The Colour of the Sky Today"

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More works: