The project pursues a malleability in truth, the impact of perspective on belief and the potency of imagination.  

Reality is slippery and imagination a fearsome thing.

Part installation, part museum, part story exchange, THE GHOST PROJECT embarks on a discussion between audience, communities and artists to unearth the culturally ubiquitous phenomena of ghosts, spirits and hauntings.  Although most often presented as an amalgam the project has three distinct methodologies reflected in individual series.

THE GHOST PROJECT : SUFFICIENTLY BREATHLESS captures actions or performances which occurred on the site of the presentation but at a previous date.  The actions (recorded as video and binaural recording) are reinserted into the space for the visitor to experience.  By splicing time and location into itself the series speaks to a tradition of mystery in technology and the ease with which fear can be conjured. 
THE GHOST PROJECT is a series which, like many of Anna Tregloan's projects, is consciously environmentally responsible in methodology and outcome.  By approaching the project as a suite where each stage of the development gives tangible results and where parts are continually reused and re-contextualised as well as sourcing locally and second hand and gifting locally at conclusion THE GHOST PROJECT is part of a developing oeuvre of sustainable practice. 

Works from the series have been presented at:-

Sufficiently Breathless #2
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul. Goyang Studio.
Performer: Kim Dee Ha
August 2014
(1st set of images)

Sufficiently Breathless #3
Greenaway Lane, The Rocks
for the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
Performer:Amber McMahon
December 2014
(2nd set of images)

Sufficiently Breathless #4
For the Australian Performing Arts Conference.
Performer:Luke Mullins
September, 2015

Sufficiently Breathless #6
The Substation, Melbourne.
Performer: Natasha Herbert
August, 2016
(3rd set of images)
(Image credit #3 Amada Hitten)

Sufficiently Breathless #7
AsiaTOPA, Melbourne 
Performer, Emily Ah Yick.
Photos, Amanda Carr.
February, 2017
(4th set of images)

Sufficiently Breathless #8
The Old Holding Cells behind MAMA, Albury.
Performer, Kyle Walsmley.
August, 2017.

SUFFICIENTLY BREATHLESS #7 Shortlisted Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize, 2017

This project has been supported the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; the NSW Government through Create NSW.  Its development was supported by AsiaLink, BigCi and Playking.


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