Produced and presented by Force Majeure

Set and Costume Design by Anna Tregloan
Danielle Micich, Director
Damien Cooper, Lighting Design
Angus McGrath, Sound Design
Tessa Leong, Production Dramaturg
Merlynn Tong, Text Dramaturg
Performers: Gabriel Comerford, Adriane Daff, Merlynn Tong
Understudy Josh Price

Damion Holling, Production Manager
Tanya Leach, Stage Manager
Phil Downing, Sound/AV Consultant and Technician
Jasmine Rizk, Production Electrician and Programmer
Christine Mutton, Costume Maker
Collaborating Contributors: Nelson Earl, Josh Price, Eliza Scott, Carly Sheppard, Catherine Văn-Davies, Chris Burgess
Brett Boardman

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