'The Boy Castaways' is a feature film staring Tim Rogers, Megan Washington, Mark Winter and Paul Capsis and directed by Michael Kantor.  Audacious in concept and scale for budget Anna designed staging, costumes and art direction.  

Produced by Soft Tread and Arena Media the film premiered at the Adelaide Film Festival and was presented as part of of a special event at the Melbourne International Arts Festival.  Additionally, for the Melbourne premier, Anna worked with the film's extraordinary cast of singers and musicians including the Musical Director Pete Farnam and she directed the concert 'Wreck and Ruin' which followed the film screening at Melbourne's iconic Forum Theatre. 

Along with cinemas around the country the film was also shown on ABC TV. 
Collaborators on this unique project included:-

Michael Kantor, Director. 
and Michael Kantor and Raimondo Cortese, Writers. 
Judd Overton, Cinematography. 
Pete Farnham, Music.
Rob Connelly, Executive Producer.  Jo Dyer & Stephen Armstrong, Producers.
Cast includes: Paul Capsis, Marco Chiappi, Tim Rojers, Megan Washington, Mark Winter

Images are Film Stills