Formally, THE GHOST PROJECT most echoes a museum with components (text, objects & images) arranged for the visitor to mentally assemble. Yet, unlike traditional assumptions, here the chosen truth admits room for the slipperiness of imagination.  The work evolves and responds according to location and community. By working fluidly it expands, contracts and adjusts local story and  circumstance.  

Although most often presented as an amalgam the project has three distinct methodologies reflected in individual series. The third partition in the project, THE GHOST PROJECT : AN INCOMPLETE HISTORY is a shifting series of lectures, exhibits, story exchanges, presentations and publications which engages directly with the site and community of the presentation.  In each iteration it gathers new facts and imagining as well as displaying cumulative project research.

Works from the series have been presented at:-

An Incomplete History #1
Arts Center Melbourne, AsiaTOPA Lab

An Incomplete History #3
BigCi Artists Space, Bilpin, NSW

An Incomplete History #4
The Australian Performing Arts Conference.

An Incomplete History #6
Prague Quadrennial of Space and Design, Czech Republic.

An Incomplete History #7
The Substation, Newport, VIC.

An Incomplete History #8
AsiaTOPA, Melbourne 

An incomplete History #9
Shoalhaven Regional Gallery

This project has been supported the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; the NSW Government through Create NSW.  Its development was supported by AsiaLink, BigCi and Playking.


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